Shout out to muscular men that are still kinda chubby

Y’all are slept on so much but idk why

That lumberjack build does things to me

I like knowing I can cuddle with you but you can still fuck someone up

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The dream came true! Finally got a Johnny Bravo t-shirt haha

I need this shirt.
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People say it’s unprofessional to have piercings and tattoos. I think it’s unprofessional to judge people by their personal decisions.

Subconscious thought that should be widely accepted (via frma2z)

a million times this

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"Please let me keep this memory, just this one"
Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind | Michel Gondry | 2004
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If you tell a someone w boobs that they need to buy a shirt/dress that covers up their bra chances are you need to buy some pants to cover up your diaper because you are a massive whiny piss baby

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